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Lukáš Čelka
November 16, 2022, 6:15pm
Reading time: 7:34

I Tried Tantric Massage. Gentle Touches Were Replaced By An Intimate Massage Using The "Infinite Vagina" Technique

Not only the masseuse but also rich visualizations accompanied my journey through sexual energies, feelings and eroticism.

Lukáš Čelka
November 16, 2022, 6:15pm
Reading time: 7:34
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I Tried Tantric Massage. Gentle Touches Were Replaced By An Intimate Massage Using The "Infinite Vagina" Technique
Zdroj: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková
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The article contains explicit photos and a detailed description of the massage,
not suitable for underage readers.


Exhale - inhale. I slowly try to push all the air I take in through my mouth deep into my pelvis. While I concentrate on breathing with my eyes closed, masseuse Daniela pours warming oil with a strong cinnamon aroma on my naked body. I can feel how the heat gradually starts to spread. First the hands from the tips of the fingers, the chest, the neck to the big toes.

As she slowly moves her oiled hands from my feet to my fistula to my inner thighs, I shake me with pleasure. Daniela continues even higher and I forget to breathe again. She quickly moves her right hand from my crotch to my stomach, leaving the other in place. My head snaps up in an instant and I open my eyes. In front of me I see the image of a naked masseuse holding my pride in her hands. He just smiles nonchalantly and announces: "Lie down, close your eyes and above all breathe, as we talked about. We're going to do the infinite vagina technique."


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


Although tantric massage is defined as a massage focused on working with sexual energy, which teaches a person to accept his sexuality, even in modern times it is still associated with prejudices. In order to find out if it really is a higher, esoteric experience, or just "harmless" erotica driven by a masseuse leading the client to orgasm, we decided to try it ourselves.


Altered state of consciousness

At the agreed time, the masseuse is already waiting for me in front of her house. She introduces herself as Daniela and leads me straight to the room where everything will take place. At first glance, she seems too bright for something as intimate as I'm about to experience.



Before I bombard her with questions, she admits of her own accord that the studio we're in isn't quite finished yet. “It will definitely be darker in here when it's done. You are my first client in this studio," adds Daniela.

Various ropes, whips and a huge bamboo pole hanging from the ceiling immediately catch my eye. "We share a room with my husband, who does shibari. That is why it is more tuned to the Japanese style, even though tantra comes from India," she explains. I am also surprised by the massage table, since according to my information, tantra is done on the ground - on a futon. When I ask the masseuse about it, she answers me in one breath that although the massage can also be done on the ground, it is not a condition. "I personally don't do it that way," she adds.


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


I ask Daniela to define tantra for me in her own words. "It's a deep relaxation massage combined with an intimate massage, or a prostate and anal massage," she answers very directly, I'm startled that it's really nothing esoteric. However, Daniela takes a breath and continues her explanation.

"We recognise different types of tantras, basically they are divided into western and eastern. The eastern one comes from India and I would recommend it to people who meditate and are deeper in their body. Western tantra is better for stressed-out people today, because it is more diverse and one relaxes faster with it," she adds, adding that the ideal time for a massage is two to three hours.

Daniela claims that the longer the massage lasts, the more one can relax and "turn off the head". "He gets into an altered state of consciousness, and that's what we're after. To stir up the energy in the body and experience special, intense vibrations," he adds.


"Window to Tantra" - introductory session

Daniela starts to ask me several questions before the massage, as well as the reason why I decided to come to her. I will explain that I have no deeper goals than to try tantra as an experience. "In that case, we'll do a shorter massage in which I'll guide you through all the techniques. A window into tantra," smiles the masseuse.

When I ask her whether clients go for massages to be touched by a woman they are attracted to, or for higher personal goals in terms of sexuality, Daniela unequivocally answers that it is for both. "They can be attracted to the masseuse. You can get to know yourself through tantra, but it certainly won't happen during the first massage, so I prefer to conduct it in a relaxing way. When someone wants to work on it, one massage is not enough, they have to devote themselves more intensively to their sexuality, for example even at home when masturbating. Later, he may be able to experience an orgasm without ejaculation," explains the masseuse..

After all my questions have been answered, Daniela gives me the last few instructions before the massage. "An erection is not a necessity and an orgasm is not the goal of the massage," she warns me, as not to feel pressured.

She explains that since it's my first time getting a massage, we won't get into anything special, but she has three requirements for me. First - breathing. "Throughout the massage, you have to try to breathe into your pelvis, which can be difficult, since we all breathe through our chests. This will get the energy going in your body. It is ideal, especially during an intimate massage," she adds.

Also, according to her, I have to learn to open my throat, relax my lips and make loud sounds, while I cannot breathe in a structured way. According to the masseuse, the last key to relaxation is movement. "You can stretch and move. Imagine a cat, she herself shows you where she wants to be touched, and I want you to be like her during the massage. When something feels good to you, ask for it by touch," she concludes and asks me to go take a shower. I return to the room naked, covered only by a scarf.


"Mental and physical nakedness" - massage

We start the massage both standing, with the 'Namasté' ritual. Daniela stands opposite me and slowly shows me how to breathe. I copy her movements for a few minutes as she tells me to close my eyes and keep going.


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


Concentrating on my breath, I suddenly feel her hug me from behind. She gently massages my fingers, palms, until she works through all my limbs. She unties my scarf and gradually moves from my hands to my neck. I feel myself relaxing.


She does the same with legs, when I suddenly feel a gust of wind. Hot air blows over my body and I feel that I am naked. Daniela took the scarf off me. When she hugs me from behind again, I can tell she's done the same to herself as I feel the touch of her bare breasts on my back. Again, she continues the same touches, with the fact that out of the blue she also touches my crotch.

The highly relaxing music complementing the atmosphere also helps me keep my breath during the entire ritual. Even so, I feel completely exposed. Physically and mentally. At first it was uncomfortable for me, but gradually I relax and enjoy the nudity. At the end, she gently goes through my hair several times and caresses my face. She lets me open my eyes and asks me to move to the massage table and lie on my stomach.


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


When I lie down, the massage continues again with very similar elements. From hands to legs through feet, buttocks to neck. Daniela suddenly jumps on the table and covers me with her own body. As I feel the pressure, I ask if it is grounding. "No, now I'm tuning you out," she replies in a whisper, rubbing my back with her elbows. When she gets off me, she puts the scarf on again and slowly runs it over my body.


With the gentle touch of the silky fabric moving back and forth across my naked body, a movie unfolds before my eyes. I'm on the beach, naked, and the salt water embraces my body. It's like I'm being caressed by small waves that suddenly come and run off the beach into the water again. "Tantra can also be associated with visualizations. Imagine how the stress leaves you together with the sheet," Daniela whispers in my ear. I can only say one word: "I am visualising."


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


The masseuse throws away the sheet and puts something fuzzy on her hands, as I feel the pleasant tickling touch of the plush. Again, she passes it all over my body, including my head. At one point, the plush is replaced by a pleasant but intensely aromatic liquid, and Daniela begins to rub it all over my backside. Within seconds I'm engulfed in heat as if I'm sinking into the ground.


Endless vagina - massage of intimate parts

When I turn around, Daniela spills the oil all over my body. She does not miss a place, not even intimate parts. At first she attends to everything except them, but eventually she gets on top of them and starts tickling them. I stop breathing into my pelvis from excitement, which the masseuse points out to me several times.


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


Since my eyes are closed, I can't see what she's doing, but I can feel myself getting an erection. With oil, it is very difficult to analyse the movement of her hands. I just feel as if she is pushing something on my penis, as if it was penetrating inside of something. But it takes too long. "It's the infinite vagina technique," the masseuse says in a low voice, as I suddenly startle and open my eyes. I see her grasping my cock with both hands and moving them quickly. During an erotic scene, the question flies from my lips: "Is tantric massage infidelity?"


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


"It depends on the couple, someone doesn't see it as infidelity. For some, infidelity is when the partner watches porn," she answers and continues the movements. She will stops in a few minutes. The massage is over. She covers me with a scarf and lets me breathe and contemplate the experience before I head into the shower.


Energies associated with eroticism, or eroticism justified by energies?

Although I also experienced a short massage of intimate parts during the one-hour massage, I can't say that it was ordinary masturbation. The movement of the masseuse's hands might lead to an orgasm after a long time, but it did not lead directly there. I could describe the combination of feelings and visualizations that I experienced during the massage as an esoteric experience. A pleasant experience, and I wouldn't hesitate to repeat it.


Source: Refresher/Viktória Borovičková


After this experience, I believe that a professional tantric masseuse can really help a person discover and understand his own sexuality. However, as I also agreed during the final interview with Daniela, not all masseuses are the same.

“It costs a lot of money and time to learn tantra. Therefore, if someone finds an 18-year-old masseuse on escort dating sites, it is probably not tantra, but rather just an erotic massage, which she masks using this term. Tantra teaches us to enjoy the journey and get to know each other, erotic massage leads directly to orgasm," added Daniela in conclusion.

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