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Jana Chovancová
November 18, 2022, 6:45pm
Reading time: 3:54

Never Call The Waitress With This Gesture And Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom

A waitress from Brixton talks about all the things she would never do in the establishment

Jana Chovancová
November 18, 2022, 6:45pm
Reading time: 3:54
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Never Call The Waitress With This Gesture And Don't Do Coke In The Bathroom
Zdroj: Unsplash/Florian Schmetz
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In the series of articles I would never... we brought you an interview flight attendant Kristina, who talked about what she would never do on a plane. This time we were interested in what a waitress would never do if she came to an establishment. We decided to interview young Patrícia, who works for Brixton House in Bratislava.

Patrícia is 22 years old and has been working as a waitress for the second year. During that time, she learned not only to do her job professionally, but also that behavior in the company has its rules and there are many people who regularly break them. In an interview, she revealed to us what belongs and what doesn't.


Source: Instagram/patricia_sulcanova, jchovancova

I would never... sit at an untidy table

"It often happens that people come to the restaurant and have nowhere to sit. That's when they notice two free tables. One clean, ready for the customer, the other is worse off. There are finished drinks from customers who have left, an ashtray full of smoked cigarettes and spilled lemonade on the table," describes Patrícia and asks me if I dare to say where people usually sit. I readily answer that it's definitely the dirty one. And I'm right.

According to Patricia, customers often occupy the dirty one and then call the waitress to come and clean their table. However, this should not be done, and when you have the choice of a clean table, you should sit there. The reason is the fact that the waitress knows very well about the dirty table, but she is currently handling other, more important things. She definitely would have gotten around to cleaning it and wouldn't have felt pressured if you hadn't sat down. Lessons learned? Wait for a clean table. Always.


Source: Unsplash/Nathz Guardia

I would never... take things from the tray without asking the waitress

No, not even when you want to help her and you go to do it with the best of intentions. Not everyone will appreciate it, and you wouldn't like it if someone interfered with your work. The waitresses know what they are doing and also have a mouth to ask for a helping hand if they need it. However, you better not help them without being asked, because...

"We waitresses have all the things balanced on the tray. This means that we put them there so that they do not fall from our hands to the ground. We also strategically take drinks from the tray, and someone taking a drink from the wrong place can cause harm. After all, no one wants to have the contents of a tray spilled on them, do they?"


Source: Unsplash/Kate Townsend

I would never... call a waitress over with rude gestures

We thought that in the 21st century there was no need to write about something like that, but the opposite is true. There are still people who whistle or snap their fingers instead of politely addressing them or raising their hand.

"Everyone should know that something like this does not belong. If you didn't know about it, write it down. Not only will you appear as a decent and intelligent person, which is really worn today, but you will also prevent possible conflicts. The behaviour of others is only a mirror, and if you are polite, others will be polite to you too," says the waitress.


I would never... sit at a big table if there are only two of us coming

Especially on Friday or Saturday nights, when the bars are literally bursting at the seams. If no other table is available, that is of course fine. However, it should be taken into account that if a table for two becomes free somewhere and a larger group comes to the establishment, it is possible that the waitress will ask you to move.

"It's definitely good to think one step ahead and be considerate of others. If there is a smaller table available and two of you come to the bar, sit at it. You'll save time for yourself too, because you won't have to move, but also for the waitress, who (apart from a million other things) won't have to deal with it," explains Patrícia. 

I would never... say that the job of a waitress does not require education

"Of course, I'm not complaining, I like my job. But just like in any other job, we also have certain rules, customs and tasks that we have to fulfill. We also learn during work and we are not just walking coasters with empty heads. Many of us graduated from universities or participated in various educational courses," says Patricia.


Source: Unsplash/Brooke Cagle


I would never... leave a used menstrual pad in the toilet or take drugs

Read it again and think about it when you visit the establishment. Or at least do it in a way that leaves no trace of you. And also do it quickly, because there may be people waiting outside who want to use the toilet for what it is intended for.

"A colleague happened to find a used condom on the floor of the toilet. I dare say that our toilets are always fragrant and clean. In addition, there is a trash can and a supply of toilet paper. In addition to condoms, we often find used menstrual pads on the ground. I don't think it's that hard to wrap either a condom or a pad in paper and throw it in the trash. You would do the same at home," she adds.

Another thing Patricia talks about is drugs. She has more than once found cocaine residue on top of the tank behind the toilet. She cleans them after customers and remembers that even small children and minors can visit the toilet. Safety comes first. In the case of Brixton, you better stick to their password, which you will find when entering the toilet.


Source: Instagram/Jana Chovancová


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