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Jana Chovancová
October 19, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 3:34

These Wellness Procedures Will Relax You Physically And Mentally. They Can Help With Depression, Stress Or A Sore Throat

Students have returned to school, parents of the youngest children have new responsibilities. With them comes stress, physical and mental tension and responsibility.

Jana Chovancová
October 19, 2022, 6:00pm
Reading time: 3:34
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These Wellness Procedures Will Relax You Physically And Mentally. They Can Help With Depression, Stress Or A Sore Throat
Zdroj: ZEN SPA, Green Lotus
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Over time, tension begins to take its toll on the body. People experience different types of lower back, back or leg pain. However, physical pain is not the only thing that troubles them, psychological discomfort is often associated with it. Anxiety, panic or burnout. These conditions are slowly known to perhaps everyone.

In autumn, we exchange swimming pools and the sea for fragrant wellness centers. Their treatments work wonders after stressful days. In this article, we looked at how to get rid of physical and psychological tension. We found out which procedures are best for relaxation and what beneficial effects they have on the human body. In addition, we tried each of the procedures ourselves to see what effect they actually have on the body.




Float is the way in which a person cuts himself off from the surrounding world not only with thoughts, but also with his senses.


Source: ZEN SPA


The dense concentration of salt provides the "Dead Sea effect" and the body becomes weightless. "The point is that in the float one can cut off all the senses. Touch, since the body is not affected by gravity and does not touch anything, smell and taste, which are neutral, sight, since it is in a float, darkness, and hearing, since the ears are under water. I only hear my inhalation, exhalation and heartbeat, which connects me to myself," says Zdeno, owner of private wellness ZEN SPA.


During relaxation in the float, the body also relaxes, which means faster regeneration occurs. Top athletes use float. Zdeno also meets people with psychological problems on a daily basis.

"Float also has a positive effect on stress, burnout or depression and can also help with insomnia. There are 250 kilograms of Epsom salt and magnesium sulfate in the water. If we come to a psychologist with a problem, he will recommend magnesium. In the float, it is absorbed through the largest organ of the body, through the skin," adds Zdeno in conclusion. Float also has beneficial effects on the skin, respiratory tract and post-traumatic conditions.




Although Maderotherapy is primarily aimed at reducing cellulite, it has a wide range of other beneficial effects on our body. It provides a person with mental and physical relief.

The first physical results can be seen after five sessions, but already after the first, clients leave with a feeling of lightness in their legs and with blood-stained skin.

"Maderotherapy is suitable for women who stand or walk for a long time during work, but also for those with a lack of movement. In addition, it is used by women with disproportion of the body, as this procedure helps to shape it. My clients even shrink by two ready-to-wear sizes after the sessions," says Elena, owner of a maderotherapy clinic.


Source: maderoterapia.sk


This massage with wooden rollers has antioxidant effects, starts the lymphatic system and the entire metabolism. The result is better quality and firmer skin . Of course, according to Elena, it is important to eat a balanced diet so that the results are more obvious and faster.

During maderotherapy, even the smallest hair follicles will be completely supplied with blood. The body starts up and the detoxification process of the organism begins. Elena also talked about why cellulite occurs. It is said to be created mainly as a result of insufficient blood supply to the given area. A slowed lymphatic system, poor lifestyle, consumption of dairy products, pregnancy or health problems also contribute.

"I had a client who had a skiing accident. She fell on her side and developed a fat lump on that side. She was in so much pain that she could not sleep on that side. It was necessary to massage the lump using rollers. Maderotherapy helped her, after a few sessions the lump disappeared," recalls Elena.


Source: Instagram/Maderoterapia_Bratislava


Women who undergo this massage feel good not only physically, but also psychologically. In addition to the fact that maderotherapy helps from an aesthetic point of view, it energizes a person and gives him self-confidence


Full body Thai massage


Massage is a great example of a procedure that regenerates the body not only from the outside, but also from the inside. In addition to helping the body to relax and relieve it of pain, it also has a positive effect on the human psyche. Andrej Gendiar, operator of the massage center, talked about the effects. He himself uses massage procedures regularly. "I am an athlete and regularly train. Massage is also a great way to regenerate after physical activity."


Different people visit their center for massages. Younger and older, those who have a sedentary job, and those who get busy during the working day. They often have a problem with back and neck pain.


Source: Pavol Harum

The masseuses at the Green Lotus center are from Thailand. Andrej says of them that they have it in their hands and know exactly what to do to help a person. Despite the fact that massages seem painful at first, according to him, it is a matter of habit. Over time, a person relaxes, not only his body, but also his mind. Mental relief comes after the massage as well. Just a moment without the phone on the massage table in combination with pleasant music or fragrant oil.

"It happens that people relax so much that they fall asleep. It's happened to me too," adds Andrej with a laugh at the end.



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Thumbnail: ZEN SPA, Green Lotus
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