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Jakub Paulík
August 28, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 6:30

The Murderous Gonzales Sisters Forced Girls Into Prostitution. They Forbade Oral Sex, Which They Considered Sinful

They saw women as property. If it no longer served its purpose, they got rid of it.

Jakub Paulík
August 28, 2022, 11:00am
Reading time: 6:30
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The Murderous Gonzales Sisters Forced Girls Into Prostitution. They Forbade Oral Sex, Which They Considered Sinful
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Sisterly bonds can be really strong, especially when they're linked by a killing spree, during which the Gonzales sisters killed at least 91 people. They operated several brothels where they forced young women into prostitution. Several of them were not even 18 years old. When some of the girls stopped performing "well enough", they killed them.

If by chance a prostitute became pregnant during intercourse, she was beaten until she miscarried the child. They also brutally treated customers who had a lot of money with them. Their bodies ended up buried next to unwanted young women. Despite the aforementioned atrocities, one of the sisters was eventually released from prison. The others were not so lucky.


In this article you will read:
  • What their tyrannical father did to the Gonzales sisters.
  • Why they allegedly prohibited oral sex to prostitutes.
  • What they did with pregnant and sick prostitutes.
  • How is it possible that the police did not discover their murders earlier.
  • How the son and lover of one of the sisters was involved in the business.


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Pregnant prostitutes were beaten

In the early 1950s, the Gonzales sisters, nicknamed Las Poquianchis, ran several brothels. However, the young girls who worked in them did not perform paid sexual services voluntarily.

The owners, Delfina and María de Jesús Gonzales, initially lured them with job offers as waitresses or maids, which they also published in newspapers, but the reality was quite different. If any of the girls did not suit them after their arrival for various reasons, they sold them to slavers for 40 to 80 dollars.


Those who stayed with them, but refused to sell their bodies, were tortured for a long time. Either the young woman broke down and started working, or she died in the resistance. According to the authors of the book Contemporary Perspectives on Serial Murder, the sisters and their accomplices murdered prostitutes mainly by torture or beating them to death.


They were also murdered if the consequences of the abuse had left their mark on their physical appearance, which is said to have happened within about 5 years on average. They were also eliminated if they became seriously ill and could not work because of that.

Prostitutes who got pregnant while working were also unlucky. The Gonzales sisters could not afford their workers to raise a child, so they beat pregnant women until they miscarried. Customers who took a large amount of money with them also found their deaths in the brothel. Instead of allowing them to spend part of the money on sexual services, the clients were killed and robbed.


The Gonzales sisters Source: Getty Images/Bettmann/Contributor

Father imprisoned the sisters in their childhood

Sarada Davis from the Latin Post portal writes that their calculation and cold-bloodedness were preceded by terrifying childhood experiences, which are a common characteristic of a large number of serial killers. The girls' father, Isidro Torres, was a violent man. He punished his daughters, for example, for make-up or clothes that he considered provocative.

As a member of the local police, he imprisoned them for a while to teach the young girls a lesson. So the sisters could take a role model from a man who solved all problems with violence and cruelty. During one argument, he allegedly shot a guy with whom he had a dispute. It is therefore no wonder that the girls murdered people without much deliberation.

As they were very poor in their childhood, they decided that they would never experience the same poverty as adults, so they started a "white meat" business. Two other sisters - Maria del Carmen and Maria Luisa - and Delfina's son Ramon Torres, nicknamed El Tepo, helped them in their criminal activities. He held the position of an enforcer who "straightened out" the disobedient female employees.

Delfina loved her son fanatically. When he got into a fight with the police in 1963, who shot him dead, she allegedly ordered her lover to find the culprits and kill them all. Army captain Hermenegildo Zuniga obeyed his beloved.


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They welcomed them with drugs and rape


All the new employees of the brothel, or rather slaves, had to understand who their master was right from the start. They poured ice water on the girls, raped them and drugged them with cocaine or heroin. When they gradually broke their will, they could start working.

In order not to wish for freedom later, prostitutes were forbidden to leave brothels. If they wanted to buy clothes or anything else, they had to ask the Gonzales sisters. However, according to GQ, they sold them things at too high a price, so the prostitutes quickly got into debt.


Their world narrowed down to a brothel and customers, among which were also policemen, soldiers and politicians. With such lucrative clients, it is no wonder that they were able to carry out their criminal activity for a really long time. Members of the state apparatus were bribed with finances or sex with prostitutes.

According to the book Women Who Kill, one of the brothels called Rancho Loma del Ángel was described as a concentration camp by imprisoned women. Their diet consisted entirely of tortillas and beans.

Sisters specifically sought out physically attractive girls for the brothel, who were supposed to ensure the greatest possible interest of potential clients. The sisters allegedly saved the most beautiful virgins for rich customers, who paid bundles of money for attractive girls with no previous sexual experience.


However, the sisters were never hesitant when it came to recruitment, and with the help of the army captain Hermengild Zuniga, Delfina's lover, they kidnapped some of the women. According to the website Milenio, the parents of some girls gave them up in exchange for a financial reward. Among the young prostitutes there were also minors, 12- to 13-year-old girls, who were easier for the slavers to work with because they resisted less often than adult women.


Source: Million Dollar Video Corporation


Sex with animals?

The sisters are said to have forced the women into sexual activities performed on animals. Therefore, the Gonzales were later accused of practicing Satanic rituals. They said they wanted to increase their profit from the business. However, GQ writes that these stories began to be spread about the sisters by the tabloids in order to create an even greater sensation out of the case. Similarly unsubstantiated information was also spread about their alleged cannibalism and witchcraft.

The paradox is that even though the sisters ran a brothel, they allegedly forbade girls to play erotic games outside of work. The mother raised the Gonzales sisters in a strict faith, and they considered everything except penetration during working hours to be a sin.

Prostitutes were also prohibited from kissing, touching, oral sex or homosexual intercourse, reports Marcianos Mx. Therefore, the sisters allegedly cut holes in the walls of the rooms in which they had intercourse with clients to check whether they were violating their rules.


The police discovered mass graves with almost a hundred bodies

The sisters got into trouble at the beginning of 1964, when a beaten and malnourished woman, Catalina Ortega, escaped from their brothel. Captain Zuniga immediately set out after har, on Delfina's orders, to kill her while on the run before the police interrogate her. Fortunately, he failed. When she told the police, how the Gonzales sisters exploit young girls for prostitution and do not hesitate to murder them, they decided to verify her words.

The imprisoned prostitutes welcomed the police raid with great enthusiasm and showed them where the sisters had buried the bodies of murdered women, some customers and unborn children. In total, they found the remains of more than 91 bodies in mass graves.

The actual death toll could have been much higher. In 2002, workers found the skeletal remains of another 20 people near one of the former brothels, and they also attributed this discovery to the Gonzales sisters. This would bring the death toll to 110. However, estimates climb as high as 150.


According to the Guinness Book of Records, the Gonzales sisters created "the most prolific murderous partnership" by the number of murders. People from the neighborhood, who planned to lynch the criminal sisters, also learned about what was happening in the brothels. If it weren't for the fact that the police protected them, they probably would have been killed on the spot.

Considering that the Gonzales sisters bribed government officials, forced women into prostitution, and murdered nearly 100 people, a 40-year prison sentence sounds relatively light.

At the time, however, it was the maximum possible punishment in Mexico, according to the authors of the book Contemporary Perspectives on Serial Murder. In court, all the sisters denied their guilt in the murders, but the evidence and witness statements were sufficient.


According to a period article in The New York Times, together with the sisters, the court sent more than 20 criminals who participated in various ways in the exploitation of young women behind bars. The money that the sisters earned through their criminal activity was divided by the court between the surviving victims and the families of the murdered.


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Carmen died of cancer before the police discovered their murders. Delfina died in October 1968 as a result of being hit in the head with a bucket of cement. It was allegedly accidentally dropped on her head by a worker who was repairing the cell. Maria Luisa died in prison in 1984. When the guards came to check her cell, they found that the convict's body was being eaten by rats.

However, Maria de Jesús was eventually released. We do not know the date when she was released, nor the reason for her release. Her further fate is also unknown. However, she allegedly met an elderly man in prison, whom she married after her release from prison. She died in the mid-90s.





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