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Adam Novosad
February 24, 2022, 7:35pm
Reading time: 4:23

10 Most Horrifying Videos From the War in Ukraine

Videos from Ukraine depicting the attacks and solidarity of people in war with Russia.

Adam Novosad
February 24, 2022, 7:35pm
Reading time: 4:23
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10 Most Horrifying Videos From the War in Ukraine
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Ukraine has been facing a Russian military invasion since this morning. Shooting and bombing are resonating throughout cities across the country, led by the capital Kyiv. Missiles and more than fifty helicopters have flown through the capital city today. Paratroopers are occupying the major airport.


While Ukrainians are fighting and hiding in metro stations to keep themselves from getting killed by Russian missile attacks, police in Moscow arrest anyone who dares to express their opposition to a war operation in Ukraine at a demonstration. These are the most chilling videos of today.


CNN reporter with Russian troops occupying the airport

The Russian army occupied the important Antonov International Airport in the city of Hostomel near Kyiv. A CNN reporter reached out directly to the Russian troops, who secured the area and exchanged fire with Ukrainian troops. The Ukrainian armed forces call on all who can hold a weapon to come to defend the airport from the Russian occupiers. Ukraine managed to shoot down 3 of the 54 Russian helicopters that attacked.



Hundreds of frightened people hiding in the subway in Kharkiv

In the city of Kharkiv, located in the northeast of Ukraine near the border with Russia, hundreds of frightened people are hiding in metro stations. The city is letting people enter into the subway free of charge, as it currently serves as a makeshift military bunker protecting the civilian population from Russia's attacks on the city.



Fearless Ukrainian woman confronts a Russian soldier

A Ukrainian woman in the city of Henichesk confronts a Russian soldier, from whom she wants to know why Russia invaded Ukraine. The soldier begs her to leave, but she insists that he put sunflower seeds in his pocket so that a sunflower can grow out of it when he dies in Ukrainian territory.



Russian helicopter attack near Kyiv

A group of Russian helicopters appeared north of the capital, which was hit by several rocket attacks today. The helicopters were probably brought in by paratroopers who managed to occupy the important Antonov International Airport in the city of Hostomel near Kyiv.



Immediate arrest of protesters in Moscow

More than a thousand anti-war demonstrators gathered in Pushkin Square in central Moscow. The Russian National Guard immediately arrests anyone who pulls out posters with anti-war slogans, as shown in a video of the arrest of a woman with a "No to war in Ukraine" poster.



Endless congestion on exits of Kyiv

Residents of Kyiv woke up in the morning to explosions and gunfire. Many of them immediately decided to get in the car and leave the capital to the west of the country, either directly to Poland, Hungary, or Slovakia or to safer cities like Lviv. Massive traffic jams have formed on the exits from Kyiv.



Traffic jams for hours at the border in Uzhhorod

At the Slovak-Ukrainian border crossing Vyšné Nemecké - Užhorod, traffic jams began to form in the morning, growing over time. At the moment, it takes several hours to cross the border, which is captured on a video from the Ukrainian side of the border, where cars were already in standstill since morning time.



This is how Russian tanks crossed the border from Belarus

The video captures Russian tanks and armored transporters that have crossed the Ukrainian border from Belarus. Russia began its invasion shortly after three in the morning. Apparently, they wanted to use the moment of surprise so that the Ukrainian forces could not react so quickly.



Missile attack on the airport in Ivano-Frankivsk

In the morning, a video from Ivano-Frankivsk, a city less than 160 kilometers from the Slovak border, appeared on social networks. The video captures a Russian rocket that lands on the local airport.



Fighter plane attack captured by a Ukrainian family

Perhaps the most horrifying video of today was captured by a Ukrainian family. It shows the attack of a fighter jet that fired rockets just before approaching the house. Russia claims that during the invasion, it attacks only strategic objects. Still, according to video footage and information from various parts of Ukraine, it's visible that the attacks do not shy away from civilian objects.


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