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Karin Filkaszova
January 16, 2019, 3:34pm
Reading time: 5:52

Sugar Daddy Spent €80 000 on a Girl. He Enjoyed Life in Her Company (Interview)

We had a conversation with two men that have shared their experiences from the sugar daddy point of view.

Karin Filkaszova
January 16, 2019, 3:34pm
Reading time: 5:52
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About two years ago, we've interviewed Denise that made money as a sugar babe in Denmark. The article stirred up an interesting discussion about her unusual profession. We were curious about the reactions in the opposite case. 


So we decided to take a closer look into this uncommon "work" relationship from another angle. We've interviewed two gentlemen that have found themselves in the position of sugar daddies at some point in their life. 


In this interview, you'll read:
  • What lead Mark and John to become sugar daddies 
  • What are the pros and cons of this unusual setup
  • What they had to pay for and whether they think this type of relationship is worth sustaining 
  • How much money the've spent on their companions


Mark and John are two men that don't have a lot in common. They have different professions, age and life stories. The only thing that unites them is that they have both decided to spice up their private lives by hiring a paid companion. This relationship cost a lot of money and we were curious about what had lead them to enter this type of a strange contract. 


Hi. Can you introduce yourself a little? How old are you and in which sector do you work?


John: I'm a regular man, 48 years old and I work as a designer in mechanical engineering. 


Mark: I'm in my thirties and I do business. I'd rather keep the details to myself. 


Would you call yourself a sugar daddy? 


John: Yes, I would. It flatters me when I have a beautiful and intelligent woman by my side. I might be quite selfish and the fact that I can buy this type of attention with my money makes me feel good. 


Mark: Well, maybe yes, maybe not, it's quite an interesting concept. But yeah, I could say that I've had a similar relationship with this one girl that I've basically given my all to for her company. 



A lot of people consider sugar babes for prostitutes. What difference do you see there? Would you consider the girl a prostitute?


John: I do not consider her a prostitute, I like her. She is my confidant and I care about her. But people are envious and they might not like the fact that I've got such a young and beautiful girl next to me. That said, they also dislike that such a young woman is able to afford so much and experience all kinds of things.


Mark: No, I don't consider her a prostitute. She wasn't like that, she only had me. Or at least I hope so. And there is a difference, in my opinion. I only gave her what she wanted, or needed. She also studied and had a job, so she was making some money herself.  


For a little money I can spend time with a beautiful, young and intelligent girl.


What did the compensation consist of?


John: I've set up her own account and I send her money there. She has her own card and she can buy whatever she wants with it. Sometimes I take her along with me on business trips and I pay for everything there, of course. I do not care about what she spends that money on. She can use them to buy whatever she likes. 


Mark: There was a lot. I gave her my apartment to live in, but it didn't belong to her. I also got her a car, various small items, clothing, accessories, trips, vacations and so forth. Basically everything she needed and whatever would please her. 


Keď za peniaze kúpiš naozaj všetko. Marek a Ján sa ocitli v pozícii Sugar Daddyho, platili ženám za spoločnosť (Rozhovor)
Keď za peniaze kúpiš naozaj všetko. Marek a Ján sa ocitli v pozícii Sugar Daddyho, platili ženám za spoločnosť (Rozhovor) Zdroj: CCO


What was the age difference between you?


John: There's a 28-year age difference between us. She's 20 now, so she is still quite young. 


Mark: Since I'm relatively young myself, there wasn't much of an age difference between us. We were only 8 years apart. 


How long did your „relationship“ last?


John: We're coming up to five years. She was almost 16 when we started, but we didn't start sleeping together until she turned 17. 


Mark: It lasted one and a half year. 


How did you actually get into this situation? Did you get approached by the girl or did you seek her out yourself?


John: We met at a gym. We started meeting up and I would take her along on my business trips. She was young and naive, so I wanted to show her around the world. I've offered to support her until she's through with high school. Now I keep supporting her, because I enjoy spending time with her. 


Mark: We stumbled upon each other quite coincidentally. First we were texting, later we've met up in real life. We've met a few more times loosely and later it turned out into me giving her all of the things, including housing and a car. 


Total expenses were somewhere around 80 000.


What intrigued you about the girl so much that you were willing to pay her?


John: Her realistic view of the world and of course, her girlish beauty. It forces me to work on myself to keep the pace up with her, since the age difference is definitely plausible. And I also like the fact that she's very spontaneous. She's also quite modest. Although there's opportunity to spend more, she doesn't. Only buys what she really needs, even though I wouldn't mind if she'd ask for more. And of course, the fact that she really suits me in bed. 


Mark: Let's be honest, it was mainly about physical attraction. Definitely her appearance. She was beautiful, almost perfectly my type. I guess it's hard to speak of anything close to perfection, but we've also fit each other in different ways, not just sexually. Yet, of course, we did quite well in that area as well. I liked her behavior and what she provided me through the existence of the relationship.   


Wouldn't you prefer a real relationship?


John: I'm married and my kids wouldn't forgive me that either, I think. And 28-year age difference is already quite substantial. 


Mark: This was more of a secondary relationship. I also had a primary, official relationship and I didn't want to change anything about that. 



Weren't you afraid it would grow into deeper feelings?


John: Of course I'm afraid, that's always a risk. Most of all, I can't imagine what will happen once she finds a boyfriend and we stop seeing each other so much. However, I don't want to think about that right now and I enjoy her company while I can. 


Mark: No, I wasn't, because we've sorted it out right off the bat. We were both fully aware what we were getting ourselves into and what our expectations are. 


Keď za peniaze kúpiš naozaj všetko. Marek a Ján sa ocitli v pozícii Sugar Daddyho, platili ženám za spoločnosť (Rozhovor)
Keď za peniaze kúpiš naozaj všetko. Marek a Ján sa ocitli v pozícii Sugar Daddyho, platili ženám za spoločnosť (Rozhovor) Zdroj: CCO


Could you tell me, from your point of view, what are the biggest pros and cons of your agreement?


John: My wife hasn't been working for a few years now, so if she had the slightest suspicion, she could probably find some evidence of this hobby of mine. That's the biggest disadvantage. I wouldn't want to lose my kids because of that. After five years, I don't think she has any suspicion, but I'm always worried something may happen. The advantage is that I get to spend time with a young, beautiful and intelligent chick for a little money. I feel way younger next to her and that's not a bad feeling. 


Mark: Well the advantages were mainly getting whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Of course, it was after a mutual agreement and she consented to everything. I enjoyed the adrenalin and excitement of that. It wasn't just about the sex, we've enjoyed life together. The biggest negative was the risk of getting busted. But nobody knows about it yet, so considering that, there weren't many disadvantages. 


How much roughly have you spent on your sugar babe during your "relationship"?


John: It's hard to tell after those 5 years. I send her money monthly or whenever she asks for extra. She never asks for any ridiculous amounts, though. I'd say, monthly I send her about €600. But we also gotta take into account that when we meet, I pay for everything. She has invited me for coffee a few times. 


Mark: Oof. That's a tough question, I never kept a record of that. If I should take a guess, I'd say the expenses could have been somewhere around €80 000.


Can you imagine entering a similar "relationship" in the future?


John: Probably not, it's hard to say. This is a very specific situation that has lasted for a bit and it suits me exactly as it is. I think if it ended now, I wouldn't find anyone similarly exceptional and I'd just stay loyal to my wife. 


Mark: I really don't know. It would depend mainly on the circumstances. I don't think I'd go for it now. I've enjoyed it, it was nice, but enough. So no, if I have to answer this question, I wouldn't go into something like this again.  



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